My name is JC. I'm nineteen from Essex. I am different. I am not here for myself. I am somebody who will go well out of their way to help people and I find happiness in other people's smiles. I can't figure myself out.


I’ve genuinely not been this happy in ages. I can’t wait to get home and see my boy, he is literally amazing.

He makes me smile so much, and treats me like an absolute princess. 

"I’ll kiss you at every red light we stop at."

SERIOUSLY OH MY GOD, how adorable can you get?! He’s perfect. We’re going to make the world jealous <3 :)

Anonymous asked: You should probably know that the guy you went to meet today has spent the last month telling another girl he loves her, and was actually supposed to be with her today, this isn't a jealousy thing because it's my friend who he's been saying it to. I've had to pick up the pieces over the last few days because she was stupid enough to believe him.

Anonymous asked: I believe its tuesday ;)

well observed.